MISSION STATEMENT                                                                                                         





ALPS Adult Day Services’ mission is to provide compassionate care, therapeutic activities, and professional support in a cozy, homelike setting.




ALPS Adult Day Services is open Monday – Friday (7:30a-5:30p) and one (1) designated Saturday per month (9:00a-4:00p – providing participation from 4 or more participants).  These hours may be altered with the approval of the Board of Directors.  Any change of hours or suspension of services for the day will be posted and/or provided on the answering machine.  Caregivers will receive notice of closure in advance if due to Employee In-service or scheduled Holidays.




ALPS is a non-profit, state licensed comprehensive health program designed to meet the needs of adults with cognitive and/or physical impairments.  Therapeutic activities are intended to assist individuals with structure and meaningful activities to improve or sustain their abilities in such areas as:  ADL’s, health status, movement, attention span, short and long term memory, nutritional intake and many other aspects needed to maintain a quality of life.


The program provides a safe and structured therapeutic environment.  The facility is specifically designed to allow the maximum level of freedom while ensuring a safe and treatment-focused program.


Doors to activity area remain locked.  They are accessible via a key pad by entering a specific code.  Caregivers, employees, and volunteers are provided with the code to allow entrance.  The code may be changed periodically to ensure maximum safety.


The environment is specifically designed for individuals requiring space for wandering or other movement.  Employees will accompany the client or be in close proximity for the necessary supervision to ensure safety.


Daily activities and therapies are designed to stimulate, motivate, and/or retrain participants to maximize their functional capacity.   A monthly calendar of activities and events is posted and sent to caregivers.  The Activity Director, in conjunction with the Executive Director and/or Clinical Supervisor, plans daily activities for each month.  Group and individual activities are provided.


Physical exercise, personal care, rest time, social interaction, orientation, reminiscing, language arts, arts & crafts, music, and meals/snacks/hydration are provided daily.  Additional activities, such as pet therapy, horticultural therapy, special guests from the community, and art therapy, are provided throughout the month.


Services such as physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy are arranged via Home Health Services per physician’s orders.


ALPS Adult Day Services establishes an individualized Plan of Care for each participant.   This Plan of Care sets forth measurable goals and/or behaviorally stated objectives, and is implemented within 30 days of the client’s enrollment and updated every three (3) months.


Family conferences will be scheduled, as deemed necessary, by ALPS employees or participant’s family.


During the Family Conference issues or concerns are identified and plans implemented to address these areas of concerns.  Any issues outside of the ALPS domain are referred to the appropriate agency or resource, when available.


Health checks are completed daily or as often as needed to ensure the clients’ medical well being.


Food and hydration are provided on a daily basis and consist of the following:   Breakfast (8:30a-9:30a), water

(mid-morning), lunch (12:00 noon), water (mid-afternoon), and snack (3:00p) on a daily basis.