“ALPS provides an ideal place for my brother to spend many pleasant hours, having made many new friends – the members of the staff. They provide a variety
of activities, many involving visitors and volunteers, which give him a chance to share his awareness of current events, his opinions, and his memories from eight decades of living. He now needs a change of scenery, a place to go on a routine basis where he can stay busy and feel comfortable and welcome, and ALPS provides this for him. ALPS provides for me, his sister and caregiver, a respite, an opportunity to make plans of my own, a way to enjoy flexibility of a schedule, and relief from routine.”
-R. Frederick


“ALPS met us where we were. They were, for us, nothing less than Sherpas on a mountain trail we did not know. They kept our mother engaged and active as she slipped into the depths of this insidious disease…and we love them for that.”
-M. and C. Brown


“Imagine your special-needs loved one in a nurturing environment where he/she receives a nutritious diet, awareness stimulation, appropriate exercise, professional nursing services, and loving care by trained professionals while still being able to remain with you at home. Is this a dream of the future? No, Morristown is blessed with just such a facility – ALPS!”
-J. Greene


“ALPS provides daycare services for individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other neurocognitive disorders. If I could imagine and design a perfect setting for this type of service, ALPS would be the outcome. My students consistently praise not only the facility and the program provided, but the administration and staff that make it happen. It is in fact one of their favorite clinical experiences in the mental health nursing courses.”

-Mary LePage, APRN, MS, BC (Instructor of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing at Carson-Newman University


“The nursing supervisor and staff provide a structured program that is textbook perfect for the individual suffering from cognitive impairment. What really stands this agency out however, is not only the quality of their evidenced based therapeutic program, but the way in which the care is delivered. The true caring for each individual as they are acknowledged and respected is totally heartwarming. The response of the clients, my own observations and the feedback from my nursing students, allow me to provide an outstanding evaluation of ALPS.”

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